Climate Action, Enviroment, Resources efficiency and Raw Materials (SC5)

The specific objective of the social challenge “Climate Action, Environment, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials” (SC5) of Horizon 2020 is to achieve an economy and a society efficient in terms of resources and climate change, through protection and management sustainable natural resources and ecosystems, supply and sustainable use of raw materials.

Therefore, we intend to invest in innovation to support a green economy, contribute to increasing European competitiveness and safety in the field of raw materials and improving well-being, while ensuring environmental integrity, resilience and sustainability, to ensure that the average global warming does not exceed 2 ° C. Coping with climate change, problems related to waste and water is a cross-cutting priority of Horizon 2020 and represents 35% of the total budget of the program. Reducing EU greenhouse gas emissions and increasing water sector growth could generate new jobs.

Specific activities refer to the following areas:

  • Fight and adaptation to climate change
  • Environmental protection, sustainable management of natural and water resources, biodiversity and ecosystems
  • Sustainable procurement of non-energy and non-agricultural raw materials
  • Transition to a green society through eco-innovation
  • Development of global systems for sustainable and continuous monitoring
  • Cultural heritage

At least 3 legal entities belonging to a Member State or an associated country may participate.

The participation of a legal entity belonging to a Member State or an associated country is permitted if:

  • Co-financing actions of research programs
  • Support and coordination actions (CSA)
  • Is indicated by the work programs (Work Program)


The total budget available for this challenge is € 3.081.1 million.

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