Europe in a Changing world-inclusive, innovative and reflective Societies (SC6)

The specific objective of the social challenge “Europe in a changing world – inclusive, innovative and reflective Societies” (SC6) of Horizon 2020 is to support inclusive, innovative and reflective European societies in a context of transformations and increasing interdependencies of global reach.

Therefore, we want to understand, analyze and develop social, economic and political inclusion, strengthen human rights, equality, solidarity and intercultural dynamics, fight poverty and marginalization, supporting interdisciplinary research, progress technology, the development of regional innovation poles, new forms of collaboration and shared creation.

The specific activities of the challenge cover the following action areas:

Inclusive companies:

  • Promotion of new processes for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth
  • Policies and services necessary for the construction of inclusive, participatory, adaptable, open and creative societies in Europe, also taking into account the demographic changes dependent on migration and integration
  • Europe’s central role in defending human rights and justice in the world
  • New territorial and urban planning and innovative planning

Innovative companies:

  • Strengthening the scientific base and measures to support and develop the European Research Area (ERA)
  • Exploration of new forms of innovation and social creativity
  • Use of the innovative, creative and productive potential of all generations
  • Promotion of coherent and effective cooperation with third countries

Reflective societies – cultural heritage and European identity:

  • Study of cultural heritage, memory, identity, integration and cultural interactions and translations in Europe, including the way these elements are represented in cultural and scientific collections, archives and museums, for the purpose to inform and better understand the present through more in-depth interpretations of the past
  • Research on the art, philosophy, religions, history, literature, countries and regions of Europe and on how these have shaped contemporary European diversity
  • Research on the role of Europe in the world, on the influences and reciprocal bonds between the regions of the world and on European cultures seen from the outside

At least 3 legal entities belonging to a Member State or an associated country may participate.

The participation of a legal entity belonging to a Member State or an associated country is permitted if:

  • co-financing actions for research programs
  • support and coordination actions (CSA)
  • is indicated by the work programs (Work Program)


The total budget available for this challenge is € 1.309 million.

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