Health, demografic change and wellbeing (SC1)

The specific objective of the social challenge “Health, demographic change and wellbeing” (SC1) of Horizon 2020 consists in improving health and well-being throughout the life span of the individual. The intent is to create high quality, economically sustainable and innovative health and care systems, as well as new jobs and professional growth.

This strategy aims to prevent disease and improve the general well-being of citizens by assessing cost efficiency and supporting the spread of new health and care practices through the use of technological innovations.

This strategy is intended to provide support for research activities, mobilizing private investments and public tenders for the design, testing, transfer and commercialization of knowledge in order to maximize the impact of actions at the European level .

Areas of application:

  • Health, wellness, diseases
  • Disease prevention
  • Disease treatment
  • Aging
  • Health care

At least 3 legal entities or international organizations, belonging to a Member State or an associated country, can participate.

Notwithstanding the general rule, the minimum condition is the participation of 1 legal subject from a Member State or an associated country in these cases:

  • co-financing actions for research programs
  • Support and Coordination actions
  • where indicated by work programs or work plans


The total budget available for this challenge is € 7,471.8.

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