Smart, Green and Integrated Transport (SC4)

The social challenge “Smart, Green and Integrated Transport” (SC4) of Horizon 2020 aims to enhance the competitiveness of European transport industries and create an efficient transport system, to the benefit of all citizens, the economy and the society, in harmony with nature.

The development of political strategies to create efficient transport is one of the primary objectives.  Strategies must be developed to address the use of environmental resources, improvement of mobility of people and goods, traffic reduction, and increased safety.

The specific activities of the “Smart, Green and Integrated Transport” challenge to be carried out include:

  • Making aircraft, vehicles and ships more ecological and quieter to improve environmental performance, reduce noise and vibration levels
  • Developing smart equipment, infrastructure and services
  • Improving transport and mobility in urban areas
  • Reducing traffic congestion
  • Improving the mobility of people and goods
  • Developing new logistics concepts
  • Improving safety by reducing the number of accidents
  • Developing the next generation of transport vehicles to maintain market share in the future
  • Inserting intelligent control systems on board
  • Implementation of advanced production processes
  • Conducting a search for completely new forms of transport

At least 3 legal entities can participate, belonging to a Member State or an associated country.

The participation of a legal entity belonging to a Member State or an associated country is permitted if:

  • co-financing actions for research programs
  • support and coordination actions (CSA)
  • is indicated by the work programs (Work Program)


The total budget available for this challenge is € 6.339 million.

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