Measures against COVID-19 (Coronavirus desease)

In order to contain the spread of COVID-19 virus, the Italian University System is attaching great importance to the following priorities: Health, Service, and Attention to those Most in Need.

The University of Messina has adopted specific measures to look after students and staff health and avoid further contagions. All activities are guaranteed with the precautions defined in the Prime Minister’s decree.


All in-presence teaching activities are suspended until 3 April. All lessons will be held electronically.

Teams Guidelines for Remote Learning for Students

Required exams of all study courses will take place exclusively electronically. The departments will have to reschedule the exam sessions in order to allow them to be completed electronically.

Teams Guidelines for Remote Exams for Students

Graduation exams will take place electronically. 

Graduation exams calendar

Administrative staff who work in public reception (i.e. student secretaries) will conduct their duties entirely electronically. Student face-to-face reception is suspended, but can be carried out remotely (email, Skype, etc.). 

All Erasmus incoming and outgoing mobilities  as well as any other incoming mobility programme are suspended until further decisions are taken.

Incoming students who want to go back home must report their decision to the UniME Welcome Office ( and are encouraged to contact  the Diplomatic and Consular Authorities of their Country of origin in Italy.  Please note that temporary restrictions to direct flight connections might have been adopted.

UniME students in international mobility (ex Erasmus mobility) who want to suspend their mobility and return to Messina should consult the web page of the Italian and consular authorities abroad – Focus Coronavirus – to gather information on flight restrictions:

COVID-19 Emergency: Information from Embassies and Consulates

All  educational trips both nationally and internationally are suspended, as well as curricular and extracurricular traineeships outside of the region.

The collective use of the study rooms and reading rooms of the libraries of all the University and Departments is suspended.  Book loan service is also suspended.

All events or initiatives of any type, either open to the public or limited to the university (cultural, scientific or instructional) are suspended. This includes conventions, events, seminars, Open Day, Erasmus Day, etc.

Competitive procedures will be conducted electronically wherever possible.

The activity carried out by training specialists in the medical/health area will continue regularly. Post-graduate courses connected with health professions, specific training courses in general medicine, activities of trainees of health professions and graduate schools are excluded from suspension.

University staff missions are suspendedexcept in special cases. 

All the premises of the University have been sanitized in order to protect the health of the whole community. This service was provided on March 6 and 7 with the disinfectants suggested by the Ministry of Health.

Due to the COVID-19 emergency, the Rector has signed a decree that postpones the single payment and the second and third payments of the tuition fees.

The deadline for the single payment and second payment has been postponed to 15 June, and the deadline for the third payment has been postponed to 10 August.

The Research and Intervention Center (Cerip) for the University has activated a counseling service for students, their families, and all members of the community, to provide practical psychological suggestions and activities to face and overcome the worries, fears and uncertainties connected to the Coronavirus emergency. The service, operated by the psychologists associated with the Center, will be carried out via Skype, by dialing the contact Cerip Unime.     
Further information can be found at the link Come affrontare il coronavirus (“how to face the Coronavirus”) inside of the Center website area.

Considering the evolution of the epidemiological situation and the particularly widespread nature of the epidemic, the Prime Ministerial Decree of 20 March 2020 establishes further restrictive measures to movement throughout Italy.  All movement of incoming and outgoing persons is restricted with the exception of: proven work requirements or health needs or reasons of necessity, such as shopping for food and other essentials. In any case, work requirements and health needs must be proven by way of a self-declaration. At the following link the form of the self-declaration (“autocertificazione”) to be given to police officers in case of checks: self-declaration form.

In compliance with the latest Italian governmental measures (Health Ministry Ordinance of 20 March 2020, and Health Ministry, Ministry of the Interior and DPCM Ordinance of 22 March 2020) the following is now in force:

Italian citizens and resident foreigners who are temporarily abroad can only re-enter Italian territory under conditions of absolute emergency. However, the re-entry of Italian citizens and resident foreigners who are forced to leave the foreign country where they were studying indefinitely is permitted (for example, a study program is cancelled indefinitely). 

Once these individuals have entered Italian territory, they must immediately go home and communicate their return to the Department of Prevention of the National Health System of the Sicilian Region and register themselves on the Sicilian Region webpage at this link: Then they are required to self-isolate for 14 days from the date of arrival.

Air transport to and from Sicily is ensured due to the urgent territorial connection needs with the peninsula. This is available only at the airports of Palermo and Catania. There will be two return flights Rome-Catania and two return flights Rome-Palermo, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  For daytime rail connections, essential minimum connections will be maintained through an intercity day train Rome/Palermo and vice versa.

Further information on the restrictive measures adopted by the Italian Government is available at the following link:

FAQs on the Italian Government’s #ImStayingHome Decree

Rector’s message to the students:

New Coronavirus – guidelines