Measures against COVID-19 (Coronavirus desease)

In order to contain the spread of Covid-19 virus, the Italian University System is attaching great importance to the following priorities: Health, Service, and Attention to those Most in Need.

The University of Messina has adopted specific measures to look after students and staff health and avoid further contagions. All activities are guaranteed with the precautions defined in the Prime Minister’s decree.

Decree of the Rector regarding further Covid-19 procedures, starting from 17 May, 2021:

Lessons will be carried out in blended mode, in person and remotely. All the lessons taught in person will be available in synchronous mode on the Microsoft Teams platform. Students will book their place in the classroom through the Student Booking Application ; upon reaching the maximum number of places available in the classroom, the remaining students will follow the lesson in ‘remote’ mode.

Lessons at decentralized locations will take place in blended mode.

Students will be received in person or remotely, according to the methods indicated by the professors.

Laboratory activities will be held in person in strict compliance with the prevention and protection measures against Covid.

Teams Guidelines for Remote Learning for Students

The guides on teaching activities are available at this link:

Starting from the June session, regular exams will be held only in person.

The departments’ directors may authorize regular exams in remote mode upon request through the Coordinators of the Study Courses for the following categories of students: a) students who have received a formal notification to quarantine or self-isolate according to current laws and regulations; b) students with special needs who personally benefit of the advantages specified in law no. 104/1992 art. 3; c) foreign or Italian students residing abroad who are not currently in Italy.

In addition to the registration at the exam on ESSE3, it is mandatory to submit the request for exams in remote mode by filling in the form available here: Richiesta esonero esami in presenza.

Starting from the month of May, graduation exams will take place in person, with a previously authorised limited number of accompanying persons.

Curricular and extracurricular internships will take place in person in strict compliance with the prevention and protection measures against Covid-19 and according to the availability and rules of the host structure.

For TFA support and Bachelor of Science of Primary Education internships, the internships will be held according to what established by the coordinators mainly on the basis of: the possibility of individual schools to activate the blended mode for carrying out this activity; the availability of individual schools to welcome trainees in presence. Other methods deemed useful for the purpose may be activated.

Internships in the medical area inside the hospital and health care internships will take place in presence for students who have received the anti-Covid-19 vaccine.

The activities of non-medical doctoral students and postgraduate students not involved in health care activities will be carried out in person.

All incoming and outgoing travel relating to the Erasmus programme and all international incoming and outgoing mobility programmes for teachers, students and TA staff may resume upon signing of a specific release, according to the availability and to the Covid-19 measures of the host University. The competent University offices will support each scholarship recipient for the evaluation of specific programmes.

The libraries will be available as study rooms, in strict compliance with the prevention and protection measures against Covid-19 and depending on the places available.

The book lending service will continue to be available on reservation from Monday to Friday.

All conference activities in person are still suspended, including seminars and workshops. These activities will continue to be held remotely and will possibly resume starting from 1 July. Seminars and workshops, exclusively addressed to students, are allowed in strict compliance with anti-Covid regulations.

Meetings of all collegiate bodies will take place in presence.

Following the evolution of the epidemiological situation from Covid-19, it is appropriate to adopt containment measures to limit infections within the University structures. Therefore, whosoever among the University staff and students should become aware of having been in contact with a person who has been ascertained positive for SARS-COV-2, is required to immediately place themselves in quarantine for fourteen days and promptly notify the persons in charge of the membership structure.

Work and study activities will continue to be carried out by employees, teachers and students in quarantine, in remote mode. It should be noted that carrying out the swab test in the first days after the contact does not necessarily yield an accurate result.  The quarantine must not be interrupted because a positive result can be obtained some days after exposure- at least five days after contact with a positive subject.

Being in quarantine does not exempt the person concerned from the obligation to communicate to their general practitioner, in view of the consequential obligations provided for by current legislation, and from compliance with all further measures ordered by the competent local health authorities for the area.

View all provisions relating to the Covid Emergency (in Italian)

Full information concerning entry into Italy are available at the following pages: FAQ

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For full information on specific rules and regulations applied in Sicily for anyone who enters Sicily coming from EU and / or non-EU countries, visit the following web page.

Students, teachers and all staff carrying out activities in person are reminded to strictly comply with the general Covid-19 prevention measures: social distancing and hygiene rules, as well as the correct use of personal protective equipment.

Coronavirus – guidelines