Measures against COVID-19 (Coronavirus desease)

In order to contain the spread of COVID-19 virus, the Italian University System is attaching great importance to the following priorities: Health, Service, and Attention to those Most in Need.

The University of Messina has adopted specific measures to look after students and staff health and avoid further contagions. All activities are guaranteed with the precautions defined in the Prime Minister’s decree.




Lessons will be carried out in blended mode, in person and remotely.

Lessons at The University Hospital Policlinico Universitario “G. Martino” and at the Department of Ancient and Modern Civilizations “DICAM” are being temporarily carried out only remotely.

Lessons at decentralized locations (Noto and Priolo) will take place online.

All the lessons taught in person will be available in synchronous mode on the TEAMS platform for students who are unable to attend (foreign students, off-site students, students with chronic health problems, those unable to reach the university complexes safely, etc.).

Teachers will be able to record the lessons and make them available on the TEAMS platform in asynchronous mode also.

Teams Guidelines for Remote Learning for Students

Students will book their place in the classroom through the Student Booking Application (applicazione Student Booking), to be downloaded onto smartphones, tablets or personal computers; upon reaching the maximum number of places available in the classroom (as resulting from the application of the current legislation on combating the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic), the remaining students will follow the lesson in ‘remote’ mode.

Curricular and extracurricular training internships and all experiential laboratory activities will take place face-to-face, in compliance with the current legislation on combating the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic (quotas, social distancing, mask, hand cleanser, etc.).

The exams will take place in mixed mode until 31 December 2020: students will be able to take the exams face-to-face or remotely through the TEAMS platform, upon booking on the ESSE3 system, according to the established schedule.

The graduation sessions will continue to take place in the presence of the candidates, the members of the relative commissions and a maximum number of five accompanying persons for each candidate. In order to ensure compliance with the so-called “social distancing”, taking into account the need to avoid internal and external gatherings in the University structures, the number of candidates for each session will be determined by taking into account the maximum capacity of the classroom reduced by 50%; the number of candidates for the graduation exam for each session cannot in any case exceed 10 candidates.

The guides on teaching activities are available at this link:

Following the evolution of the epidemiological situation from Covid-19, it is appropriate to adopt containment measures to limit infections within the University structures. Therefore, whosoever among the University staff and students should become aware of having been in contact with a person who has been ascertained positive for SARS-COV-2, is required to immediately place themselves in quarantine for fourteen days and promptly notify the persons in charge of the membership structure.

Work and study activities will continue to be carried out by employees, teachers and students in quarantine, in remote mode. It should be noted that carrying out the swab test in the first days after the contact does not necessarily yield an accurate result.  The quarantine must not be interrupted because a positive result can be obtained some days after exposure- at least five days after contact with a positive subject.

Being in quarantine does not exempt the person concerned from the obligation to communicate to their general practitioner, in view of the consequential obligations provided for by current legislation, and from compliance with all further measures ordered by the competent local health authorities for the area.

View all provisions relating to the Covid Emergency (in Italian)

The 18 October 2020 President of the Council of Ministers Decree (DPCM) in force until the 14 November 2020 establishes persons must have respiratory protection equipment with them at all times throughout the national territory. This equipment must be worn in all indoor or closed spaces other than private homes and in all outdoor spaces. Further measures to prevent the spread of the virus are also set up. Concerning entry into Italy, the Decree identifies a lists of countries for which there are different limitations*.

Full information is available at the following link:

FAQs on the Italian Government’s Phase 2

Anyone who enters the island of Sicily coming from EU and / or non-EU countries is required to register to a specific website. Full information on specific rules and regulations applied in Sicily, visit the following webpage