Covid regulations

In order to contain the spread of Covid-19 virus, the Italian University System is attaching great importance to the following priorities: Health, Service, and Attention to those Most in Need.

The University of Messina has adopted specific measures to look after students and staff health and avoid further contagions. All activities are guaranteed with the precautions defined in the Prime Minister’s decree.


Since September 1st, 2021, all University staff and students must have and show the ‘Green Pass’ (EU Green Pass – EU digital COVID certificate) to access the University venues attesting one of the following conditions:

  1. Having received a COVID-19 vaccine, even just the first dose. Only vaccines approved by the European Medicines Authority (EMA) are accepted and recognized in Italy (i.e. Pfizer-BioNtech; Spikevax/Moderna; Vaxzevria/AstraZeneca; Janssen/Johnson & Johnson). The Green Pass is valid until the date of the second dose, and then it is valid for 9 months.
  2. Having recovered from COVID-19, with simultaneous cessation of the prescribed isolation following SARS-CoV-2 infection, and having the relevant medical documentation (validity 6 months).
  3. Having a rapid or molecular antigen swab test with negative results for the SARS-CoV-2 virus (valid for 48 hours).


A. Possession of a vaccine certification

A vaccine certification is considered by the Italian Ministry of Health equivalent to the Green Pass if it written in English, Italian, Spanish, German  or French (or sworn translation if drafted in another language) and contains the following data:

  • identification data of the owner (name, surname, date of birth);
  • data relating to the vaccine (name and lot). Vaccines currently accepted in Italy and authorized by EMA are Comirnaty (Pfizer-BioNtech); Spikevax (Modern); Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca); Janssen (Johnson & Johnson);
  • date (s) of administration of the vaccine;
  • identification data of the person who issued the certificate (state, health authority).

For the issuance of the EU Green Pass, vaccinated extra-EU students must send an e-mail to, reporting the information listed above and attaching the scanned copy of following documents: passport, visa and vaccination certificate issued in the country of origin. 

B. Possession of a healing certification

The certificate MUST contain the following data:

  • identification data of the owner (name, surname, date of birth);
  • information on the holder’s previous SARS-CoV-2 infection, following a positive test (date of first positive swab);
  • identification data of the person who issued the certificate (state, health authority).

C. Having gone through a vaccination cycle not approved by the EMA

Students with vaccines that are not authorized by the EMA can receive a recall dose of the m-RNA vaccine in the authorized “booster” dose ( 30 mcg in 0.3 ml for Comirnaty of Pfizer/BioNTech; 50 mcg in 0.25ml for Spikevax of Moderna) from 28  to 180 days  (6 months) after the completion of the first vaccine cycle.  The completion of this vaccination cycle is recognized as legally equivalent to the approved EU vaccines and it is suitable to obtain the Green Pass.  Moreover,  if six (6) months have passed from receiving the non-EMA approved vaccine, or else no vaccine has ever been carried out, it is possible to proceed with a first vaccination cycle of m-RNA, administered in the authorized doses. 

D. Unvaccinated

A swab test should be taken no later than 48 hours before having access to University venues. Students upon arrival in Messina can proceed with a first vaccination cycle of m-RNA after enrollment. 

All lessons will take place in blended mode (in presence and on the Microsoft Teams platform), with the exception of those held at decentralized locations and in classrooms located within the University Hospital AOU ‘G. Martino’, which will be held exclusively remotely.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: For the a.y. 2021/2022, it is possible to complete enrolment on the ESSE3 portal, by entering the required documentation (qualification accompanied by a declaration of value / certification issued by the Italian ENIC-NARIC Centre – CIMEA; entry visa for study purposes / residence permit; payment of university fees, as established in the single document of the student contribution for the a.y. 2021-202 (prot. n. 134737 of 03 November 2021), by 28 February 2022 without the payment of any arrears.

Those who have already enrolled on the ESSE3 platform, but are still awaiting the issuance of an entry visa by the diplomatic / consular Missions, are authorized to take the exams in the sessions of January and February 2022 (first semester A.Y. 2021/2022) upon payment of the regional tax and stamp duty for a total of 156 euros (the so-called fixed amount of the student fee).

In the event of a subsequent visa denial by the Italian diplomatic and consular authorities, the student will not be able to enter the Italian territory and apply for a residence permit and complete enrolment. The University, therefore, undertakes to issue a certificate of the educational path and credits obtained, which can be recognized both in the case of enrolment in the following year, and in the case of enrolment in other national or international Higher Education Institutions. In the event of a visa issuance, the University also undertakes to maintain enrolment in the initially selected educational path.

Regular exams, including at decentralized locations, will be held remotely on the Microsoft Teams platform.

Degree exams will take place in presence, with a limited number of accompanying persons.

Attendance in the presence of educational workshops is suspended. If possible, these activities will be carried out remotely.

Traineeships will take place in blended mode. Those scheduled at facilities outside the University venues will be carried out according to the rules of the host structure.

Traineeships in the medical area held in presence within the health care facilities are suspended. These activities will be carried out remotely.

Activities of non-medical doctoral students and postgraduates can take place in presence.

Activities of medical resident students will continue to take place in presence. The activities of non-medical resident students, which take place within health care facilities, will be held according to the rules of the host health facility.

All incoming and outgoing travel relating to the Erasmus programme and all international incoming and outgoing mobility programmes for teachers, students and TA staff may continue according to the availability and in compliance with the Covid measures of the host University. The reception of incoming students will depend on the scheduled activities. The competent University offices will support each scholarship recipient for the evaluation of specific programmes.

The libraries will be available, depending on the available places. The book lending service will continue to be available on reservation from Monday to Friday.

Students will be received remotely on the Microsoft Teams platform.

Conference activities, seminars and workshops can be held in presence in strict compliance with the provisions in force and with a limited number of participants.

Meetings of all collegiate bodies will take place in presence.

Following the evolution of the Covid  epidemiological situation, it is appropriate to adopt containment measures to limit infections within the University facilities. Therefore, whosoever among the University staff and students should become aware of having been in contact with a person who has been ascertained positive for SARS-COV-2, is required to immediately place themselves in quarantine and promptly notify the persons in charge of the membership structure.

Full information concerning entry into Italy is available at the following pages:

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Go to the information form

For full information on specific rules and regulations applied in Sicily for anyone who enters Sicily coming from EU and / or non-EU countries, visit the following web page (in Italian).

Students, teachers and all staff carrying out activities in presence are reminded that access to the University venues will be allowed in strict compliance with the ministerial regulations in force.

UniME covid regulations page (In Italian)

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