Selection for 40 ‘Call Me Buddy’ tutoring grants for the reception and integration of international students at UniME

The University of Messina will proceed with the awarding of 40 ‘Call Me Buddy’ tutoring grants for the reception and integration of international students enrolled (degree-seeking students) or who carry out a mobility period (exchange incoming) at the University of Messina, reserved for students enrolled in Single-Cycle Degree Courses and Master’s Degree Courses with adequate skills in English and / or Spanish, already included in the ‘long list’ of capable and deserving students for the current year, containing the merit ranking referred to in ‘Article 15 of the Framework Regulation relating to the collaborations provided by students to the University services and to peer tutoring’.

Students interested in participating must meet the following requirements:

  1. to be included in the above-mentioned long list;
  2. possession of English and / or Spanish language certification issued by an Institution recognized by the MUR (Ministry of Education, University and Research), level no less than B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference, or enrollment in an International Study Course taught in English;
  3. documented participation in an international mobility programme promoted by UniME with a stay abroad for a period of not less than 2 months with teaching / training activities carried out in English or Spanish. Candidates who refer to this point and do not possess an International Language Certification will be invited to an interview for linguistic assessment.

The Buddy tutors will also have the task of supporting the international student in carrying out the necessary administrative procedures and formalities.

The Buddy tutors will carry out a total activity of 25 hours, receiving € 20,00 per hour, in accordance with the provisions of Article 23 ‘Consideration and insurance coverage’ of the Framework Regulations relating to the collaborations provided by students to University services and to peer tutoring.

The buddy tutoring activity will be coordinated by the administrative offices in charge of orientation, placement and services for international students. The offices will draw on the log list, as above specified, considering the specific needs of the Front Offices of the Teaching Departments and

the international mobility flows and, therefore, must be carried out at the Departments in which Study Courses taught in English are held and at the central administration.

Students interested in participating can apply by 12 September 2022 at 13:00 by filling in the online form.

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