FLORIS – Annual meeting 27-28 January 2020

The Annual Meeting of the FLORIS project (Innovative tools to improve risk  reduction FLoodOnstRategIeS), was held on 28th and 29th January 2020 in Tirana and at the headquarters of the Berat Prefecture in Albania, co-funded by the European Commission Union Civil Protection Mechanism Commission (UCPM) as part of the UCPM-2018-PP-AG Prevention Action GA 82656.

The project is coordinated by the University of Messina in partnership with the Middlesex University Higher Education Corporation (UK), the Univerzitetu Sarajevu (Bosnia and Herzegovina), the CIMA Foundation (Albania) and the prefecture of Berat i Qarkut (Albania).

In particular, the dissemination activities were aimed at the main interested parties, such as local authorities including, the prefect of Berat, the technical operators of civil protection, the police, the meteorological institute, the Kusove emergency institute and representatives of various Albanian prefectures. During the seminar Prof. Giuseppe Tito Aronica, ordinary of hydraulic constructions of the Department of Engineering, scientific manager, introduced the FLORIS project, illustrating the objectives aimed at the research for innovative approaches for the development of a decision-making support tool, for the comparative analysis in disaster reduction and flood risk management.
After illustrating the first results of the research, some tool features were shared through a direct and participatory approach. The main stakeholders were involved in the work of an analysis group through sharing thematic questionnaires and tables, in order to define data configuration of both decision-making tool and its models, obtaining various operational suggestions, for the improvement of the activities of the project as well. The meeting was attended by Dr. P.M. Scalisi, U. op. UniME International Research Programs (D.A. Research and Internationalization) to support project management activities.
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