Health Care

EU students must be sure to have made arrangements for health coverage before arriving in Italy. They need to obtain a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) from their local Health Authority, which enables them to register freely with the Italian National Health Service. Enrolment in the Italian Health Service also entitles students to register with a family doctor and have special discounts:

Alternatively, EU citizens may be covered by a private health insurance policy.

For non-EU citizens health insurance coverage is required in order to obtain your visa and your residence permit in Italy. You can purchase a private health insurance policy or enrol in the Italian National Health Service  (Servizio Sanitario Nazionale – SSN).

The registration fee for SSN costs €149,77, and is valid for the solar year  (01/01-31/12) . This means that if you buy it before 01/01/2022, you will pay the full price for a shorter term of coverage and you will have to pay again for the period starting 01/01/2022. You can purchase this insurance at the ASP Office,  Via Giuseppe La Farina, 263, Messina (

For private health insurance you can go to any insurance agency or the Italian Post Office.  The policy must cover all risks of illness, accident or maternity.