PhD Office

The office is in charge of managing all processes related to Ph.D scholarships and grants, as well as any post-graduate research grants financed, by other institutions and private company as well, taking care of all administrative and organizational procedures, internal and external communications. It is responsible for public selection procedures and enrolment renewal. Ph.D Office releases and issues certifications. It is in charge of the annual expenditure forecast and statistics on the overall management.
It supports the head of the “Scientific Research” organizational unit in the management of the activities linked to the selection procedures, from the requests for access to documents to the preparation of the informative reports required by the University’s legal department.


Mrs. Caterina Agnello

Dr. Barbara Cafiso
Phone: +39 090 676 8283

Mrs. Rosita Di Perna
Phone: +39 090 676 8502

Dr. Valeria Zuccarello Marcolini
Phone: +39 090 676 8286

Doctorate Operational Unit Deputy
Dr. Angela Garozzo
Phone: +39 090 676 8505

Doctorate Operational Unit Responsible
Dr. Angelina Venezia
Phone: +39 090 676 8716

Research Training Organizational Unit Responsible
Dr. Maria Pia Mangano
Phone: +39 090 676 8503

Technical Coordination Unit Responsible
Eng. Carlo Costanzo
Phone: +39 090 676 8909

Director of Research and Internationalization Administrative Department
Law. Danila Nostro
Phone: +39 090 676 8050