Funded Projects

University of Messina partecipates in H2020 Programme with the following funded projects.




H2020 Mesca-If-2017 –Ga 799865: “Messina Case”: Mafia-Type Organised Crime In The Province Of Messina (MessCa)
H2020 Mesca-Itn-2017 –Ga 765198: Circular Economy: Sustainability Implications And Guiding Progress (Cresting)
H2020 Mesca-Rise-2018 –Ga 823922: Theoretical And Computational Investigation Of Tuberculosis Antimicrobial Resistance Development Based On Extensive Experimental Library Of Mycobacterium Strains (Amr-Tb)

Other funded projects:


   BESS – Pocket Beach Management & Remote Surveillance System

Scientific Coordinator: Prof. Giovanni Randazzo

Department of Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics and Earth Science

Axis III – Specific Objective 3.2  – Protecting the environment and promoting efficient use of resources.

UniMe is the coordinator of of the partnership with University of Palermo, University of Malta, INGV, Government of Malta-Ministry for Gozo

Duration: 30 months (02/2018 – 08/2020)

Overall project amount: € 2.074.359

Total funding assigned to UniME: € 1.172.359

I.T.A.M.A. – ICT Tool Autoimmune diseases diagnosis in the Mediterranean Area.

Scientific Coordinator: Prof. Giuseppe Magazzù

Department of Human and Pediatric Pathology “Gaetano Barresi”

Axis I – Specific Objective 1.1  – Promoting sustainable and intelligent growth through research and innovation.

UniME is partner together with the coordinator University of Palermo, Ministry of Health and  Acrosslimits Ltd of Malta.

Duration:  36 months (04/2018 – 04/2021)

Overall project amount: € 2.081.623

Total funding assigned to UniME: €  534.160

I KNOW – Interregional Key Networking for Open innovation empoWerment

Scientific Coordinator: Prof. Andrea Cirà

Department of Economics

Axis II – Specific Objective 2.1  – Promoting competitiviness in the transfontalier area

UniME is partner together with the coordinator Scientific e Tecnological Park of Sicily together with University of Enna, University of Messina, University of Malta and Arkimed.

Duration:   36 months (01/2018 – 12/2021)

Overall project amount: € 1.986.321

Total funding assigned to UniME: € 228.954