PhD Programmes

According to the Bologna Process, a significative European process committed to a unique higher education reform, in the third cycle of study, which represents the highest level of postgraduate studies, Ph.D. programme aims to provide the skills necessary to carry out highly qualified research activities. The training course lasts 3 years. To access it you must be in possession  of a Specialist/Master degree or the old University degree or any other suitable qualification even obtained abroad, declared equivalent or recognized as suitable for access to the research doctorate courses on the basis of rules confirmed by relevant international agreements. Admission is based on a compettitive exam.

Information about Ph.D courses list and services for current international PhD students:

XXXIV cycle (2018/2019) PhD Public Competition, by qualifications and examinations, for admission to the University of Messina Research doctorate Courses. 

Research Grants and Doctorate Programs contacts;

  • PhD Students have the opportunity study abroad periods according to the agreements concluded with UniME partners ;
  • PhD Students have the possibility of obtaining a scholarship based on the position reached after the admission exam;