Learning Italian


The Department of Ancient and Modern Civilizations (DICAM) provides free courses of Italian language for Erasmus+ students and international students with scholarships. Elementary and intermediate level courses are organized throughout the two semesters of the academic year.

The attendance of the 40-hour long course allows students to get 2 credits (reported in the transcript of records) and the certificate of Attendance. Please note that only 25% of absence on the total the total hours is accepted.

Students must register for the course by the 15th of October (1st semester) or by the 15th of March (2nd semester) writing to: amministrazione.dicam@unime.it , uopwelcomeoffice@unime.it

DICAM also organizes courses of Italian language for foreign  nationals. For venues and fees please log in to: https://www.unime.it/it/dipartimenti/dicam/evidenza/italian-foreigners-school