Double Degree Courses

The University of Messina offers a growing selection of study programmes that include double degree opportunities with international partner institutions.  A Double Degree Programme (DDP) gives students the opportunity to study at least one year abroad acquiring core knowledge and skills. At the end of the DDP, selected students will receive a graduate Diploma both from UniME and the foreign institution.

Double Degree Programmes available at the University of Messina:

Hong Kong Polytechnic University (China) – Dept. of Computing & UniME – Dept. of Engineering

Institut Catholique de Toulouse (France) & UniME – Master’s degree in Contemporary Philosophy

Cracow University of Economics (Poland) – Dept. of Economics & UniME – Dept. of Economics

AGH University of Science and Technology (Poland) – Dept. of Management & UniME – Dept. of Economics

Bordeaux Montaigne University (France) – Dept. of Literatures and Languages & UniME – Master’s degree in Modern Languages: Literature and Translation 



Selection criteria and application procedures are spelled out in each DDP agreement.

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