International Mobility

Academic mobility is crucial for enhancing the competitiveness of the University system and establishing the European Higher Education Area in order to ensure a more comparable, compatible and coherent system of Higher Education in Europe.

It cannot be denied that academic mobility is the key for building a knowledge-based society where awareness of cultural diversity and traditions is an incentive, rather than an obstacle, to innovation and international cooperation.

More than 800 mobility agreements have been signed by the University of Messina with foreign Universities from all over the world. Unime promotes international students exchange programmes at the European and international levels.

A world of services is available to international students coming to Messina to carry out a study period! UniMe has a multicampus structure: four main campuses around the City with canteens, accommodations and well-stocked libraries including the best scientific and academic publications. Each Department provides students with reading rooms and free wi-fi connection. International students will be also provided with a free course of Italian language. A tax waiver policy is applied for international mobility students. 

The unit Welcome Office receives international students and provides administrative and logistical support.

Unit Welcome Office: contacts

In this section you will find mobility opportunities given by UNIME to foreigner partners.

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ECTS Grading Tables a.y. 2019-2020

The ECTS Grading tables are tools designed to facilitate and smooth the transfer of academic results (expressed in terms of grades) between different national evaluation systems. The Tables are adopted by Higher Education Institutions of countries belonging to the European Higher Education Area in order to allow the conversion of grades from one country into grades used in another country.

Department of Adult and Childhood Human Pathology “Gaetano Barresi”

Department of Ancient and Modern Civilizations

Department of Biomedical, Dental, Morphological and Functional Imaging Sciences

Department of Chemical, Biological, Pharmaceutical and Environmental Sciences

Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine

Department of Cognitive Science, Education and Cultural Studies

Department of Economics

Department of Engineering

Department of Mathematical and Computer Science, Physical Sciences and Earth Sciences

Department of Law

Department of Political and Juridical Sciences

Department of Veterinary Sciences