UniME offers scholarships to students with two specific programmes: “Casa UNIME” and “Academic Merit”

Casa UNIME programme

The “Casa Unime” programme is an innovative initiative  that assists qualified students who live out of Messina with their rent payment.  UniME  distributed 1.8 million euros over the last three years for this purpose.

Students who reside in other municipalities in Italy and abroad who have a registered 10 month (or more) rental contract in the Municipality of Messina may apply. Every year, UniME awards 350,000 euros to students who qualify.

The winners will receive reimbursement of up to a maximum of 2,000 euros for their rent per year.

It is very simple to participate: just fill in the application online at this link: ( The list of winners will be published on this site.

Academic Merit Scholarship Programme

UNIME offers financial awards for academic merit to deserving UniME students. Every year 300 awards for yearly academic achievement (1,000 euros each) and 70 awards for graduation completion (2,000 euros each) are awarded to qualified students for a total of 440,000 euros. The awards are given to the most outstanding students of the University.

The prizes are awarded based on a ranking list. The yearly academic achievement awards are based on the results obtained from the yearly total of exams taken. The graduation completion award is based on a ranking list of the final mark earned at the time of graduation. The ranking is done on a yearly basis.

Students may send their declaration of interest in participating in the competition to this link: No other action is required. Ranking lists will be published on the internet according to the data provided by ESSE 3 (the platform that registers students’ progress in their degree programs).
This is an avant garde programme, with very few like it in the Italian University System. The Academic Merit Scholarship Programme has already distributed 1.3 million euros to deserving students of UNIME which is a far larger amount than that offered by other larger Universities.

Further scholarships are offred by the Regional Agency for the Right to Higher Education (ERSU) for free accommodation, meals, international mobility and degrees award.

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