Tuition Fees

The UniME tuition is € 750 per year.  The first payment of € 156 is due when the student enrols. It is paid during the enrolment process (enrolment cannot be completed without it).

The payment options are:

1 payment of €594 due on  30 March 2021.


3 payments of € 198 each to be made by the following dates:

30 January, 2021

31 March, 2021

29 May, 2021

The invoice for tuition payment can be seen on the student’s private Esse3 page approximately one month before the due date.

The abovementioned deadlines are still approximate and will be confirmed.

Students coming to UniME to enrol must also bring a document certifying their family/personal income in their country of origin. This document is indispensable for the calculation of fees to be paid to get access to service facilities such as the canteen.

Postponement of tuition fees

Due to the COVID-19 emergency, the Rector has signed a decree that postpones the single payment and the second and third payments of the tuition fees. The deadline for the single payment and second payment has been postponed to 15 July, and the deadline for the third payment has been postponed to 31 August.