Tuition Fees

Starting from the A. Y. 2021/2022, the tuition fees are calculated on the basis of the financial situation of the student (if already financially autonomous) or of his/her household (either in or outside Italy) if the student is not economically independent. The financial situation is based on:

  1. Equivalent ISEE (ISEE parificato’), if student’s permanent residence is outside Italy, or if his/her residence is in Italy but the family the student depends on lives abroad (household abroad).
  2. ISEE University value (‘ISEE-U’), that is to say the Equivalent Economic Condition Indicator, referred to university if the student’s permanent residence is in Italy and if his/her incomes – and those of his/her household- come from Italy;

The UniME tuition will be determined on the basis of the ISEE University value/Equivalent ISEE according to the following sliding scale:

fixed rate of € 156.00 is due during the enrolment process. UniME tuition fees can be paid in a single instalment or in three instalments.

The invoice for tuition payment can be seen on the student’s private ESSE3 page approximately one month before the due date.

If your permanent residence is outside Italy, or if your residence is in Italy but the family you depend on lives abroad (household abroad), you must request the ‘EQUIVALENT ISEE’ through a CAF office (affiliated with UniME) that will automatically communicate this data to the University.

  • Valid passport or identity card;
  • Italian Identification number (“codice fiscale”);
  • ‘Household composition’ abroad at the time the calculation application was presented;
  • ‘Income’over the previous calendar year of each member of the household. Where one or more members of the household, aged 18 or over, have earned nothing over the past calendar year it is compulsory to submit a declaration;
  • ‘Buildings and land owned by the household’on 31 December of the previous calendar year with indications of their size in square metres (such documents must be issued by the relevant competent public body of the country of origin). Wherever the household unit has no buildings in its possession, a document to this effect must be submitted for each member of the household aged 18 or over;
  • ‘Personal assets’owned on the 31st December of the previous calendar year by the household with indications on shares, dividends, equity holdings and shares of net assets of any companies owned.
  • UniME Matriculation Number (if already enrolled) and Degree Programme

 The documents listed above, to be submitted to the CAF office in order to obtain the ‘Equivalent ISEE’ certification, must be:

Issued by the competent authority of the country in which the income was produced;

– Translated into Italian and legalised according to the applicable regulations specified here.

Foreign students from particularly poor countries

For foreign students coming from particularly poor countries, assessment of the financial situation may be certified by the Italian Representation in the country of origin, which must certify that the student does not belong to a notoriously high-income, high-social status family.

Should foreign students find difficulty in obtaining all the items required by the Italian diplomatic authorities based in their country of origin, they may contact the foreign diplomatic or consular representations resident in Italy. In this case, the documents must be legalised by the Prefectures.

Financially independent foreign citizens with residence in Italy must request each year their ‘ISEE Università’ by compiling the DSU (“Dichiarazione Sostitutiva Unica”) in one of the following ways:

  • with the help of a CAF centre (free of charge) or of a professional tax consultant;
  • by the other methods indicated on the INPS (site in Italian).

Please do not submit your ISEE certification directly to the University: UniME will automatically acquire your ‘ISEE-U’ data, once your online request has been submitted.

For further information, visit the page

Tuition fees for Vocational Master’s Degrees (Master Universitari) vary on the basis of the chosen programme. Specific information is reported in the Call for application yearly published.

The UniME tuition for international students enrolled in a Bachelor’s or a Master’s programme is € 750 per year. The first payment of € 156 is due during the enrolment process (enrolment cannot be completed without it). ). Once enrolment is complete, the credentials to access online services and use the UNIME institutional email will be provided. 

The payment options are:

1 payment of €594 due on 1 March 2021.


3 payments of € 198 each to be made by the following dates:

  • 1 March, 2021
  • 31 May, 2021
  • 31 August, 2021

The invoice for tuition payment can be seen on the student’s private ESSE3 page approximately one month before the due date.

Even if you have the ERSU scholarship, you are required to pay the first tuition installment. You will be reimbursed for the amount less the regional government tax.

International students must also have a document, issued by the Italian Diplomatic/Consular Authorities in the Country of origin, certifying their family/personal income in their country of origin. This document is indispensable for the calculation of fees to be paid to get access to service facilities such as the canteen.

Italian students (with an Italian qualification or a foreign qualification and residing in Italy) pay the tuition fees on the basis of the ISEE-U.