Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery, A.Y. 2023/2024 - EU and extra-EU candidates enrolment


According to the MUR national ranking list published on the Universitaly portal, candidates ‘assigned’ to the University of Messina (UniME) are allowed to enrol, following the online procedure on the University Portal, until November 10, 2023, 11.59 pm CET. Hand delivery of papers to the Students Services Office will not be accepted.

By the same deadline (November 10, 2023,11.59 pm CET), it is mandatory to upload the scanned copy of the following documents:

  • declaration of Value (only for International students);
  • ID document;
  • fiscal code.

After the above-mentioned deadline, the online procedure will be closed. Those candidates who will not have submitted their enrolment will be considered as renouncing.

Candidates who intend to enrol at UniME must first register at the University portal and register at the ‘nuovo concorso’, named ‘ESTERNI’.

Only after completing this registration, they will be able to proceed with online enrolment, compulsorily no later than November 10, 2023,11.59 pm CET. After this deadline, the enrolment procedure will be closed.

‘Assigned’ or ‘booked’ candidates already enrolled in another Degree Course at UniME, who intend to carry out the ‘course change’, must send, compulsorily not later than November 10, 2023, 11.59 pm CET, the related form to the email address (cc the competent Student Services Office ), with subject ‘CHANGE TO THE NATIONAL PROGRAMMED ACCESS DEGREE COURSE’ / “PASSAGGIO DI CORSO CDL PROGRAMMATO NAZIONALE

Lectures will start on November 13 and the timetable will be available on line. Further information available at Medicine and surgery | Medicine and surgery (

The extra-EU candidates resulting as 'assigned' in the ranking linked below and meaning to enrol at UniME, must firstly log on the University website and register at: Menu -----> admission/concorsi di admissione ----> competition registration/iscrizione concorsi ----> Single Cycle 6 years ----> ESTERNI; then send an e-mail to

Only after having received a reply, candidates can proceed with the online enrolment procedure, as described below, compulsorily no later than November 10, 2023, 11.59 pm CET. 


Enrolment requests, correctly filled in any field, must be compulsorily completed via WEB no later than the above-mentioned terms (hand delivery of papers to Students Services Office will not be accepted) and contain:

  • declaration of value;
  • copy of an identity card;
  • copy of the fiscal code.

After the deadline, online procedure will be no longer available, and not properly registered candidates will be considered as renouncing.

Candidates resulting as 'not allowed' could be called with future scrolls.

For any doubts and/or administrative information (e.g. deadlines, enrolment, etc.), please contact one of the following email addresses: (for assistance in the enrolment procedure).

Should you require assistance for the enrolment, please write to: One of our Ambassadors will guide you through the procedure.

Lectures will start on November 13 and the timetable will be available on line. Further information available at Medicine and surgery | Medicine and surgery (

Only students with visa pending (as reported on the Universitaly portal) will be allowed to attend classes on line and will receive the link for virtual classes.  In case of visa issuance, the possibility to attend classes on-line will be revoked.