The University of Messina offers grants to support incoming mobility of Visiting Scholars and to carry out teaching and/or research activities within the framework of the UniMe academic programs offered.
The duration of the visit is set at 30 consectuive days. Visiting Professors/Researchers carrying out their activity in the area of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine may stay for a minimum period of 10 consectuive days.

Grants shall be assigned based on the curriculum vitae of the Visiting Professor/Researcher as well as the number of applications submitted for each scientific macro-area. Selection criteria are explained  in the Call.
Scholars that are already beneficiaries of a Visiting assignment at other universities for the same period cannot be recipients of funding.

Candidacies must be sent to the International Education and Cooperation Unit by May 30, 2021 at 23:59, according to the procedures set out in the Calls.

Visiting professors/researchers are allowed all rights and subject to the responsibilities stated in the relevant Unime regulations.

The Italian version is available under section “International“.