PhD programmes

The Bologna Process  is a  significative European process committed to a unique higher education reform. This process aims to make higher education systems in Europe more coherent. It established the European Higher Education Area to facilitate student and staff mobility, make higher education more inclusive and accessible, and make European higher education more attractive and globally competitive.

Within the European Higher Education Area, all participating countries agreed to:

1) Establish a three-cycle higher education system comprising undergraduate, master’s and PhD studies;
2) ensure the mutual recognition of qualifications and periods of study abroad obtained at other universities;
3) implement a quality assurance system to increase the quality and relevance of learning and teaching.

In particular, the Third Cycle of study, the highest level of postgraduate studies, aims to provide the skills necessary to carry out highly qualified research activities. The PhD training course lasts 3 years. To access it you must be in possession  of a Master’s degree or any other suitable qualification even obtained abroad, declared equivalent or recognized as suitable for access to the research doctorate courses on the basis of rules confirmed by relevant international agreements. Admission is based on a competitive exam.

Published in the albo di Ateneo No. 83 of  27/06/2022 prot. No. 82891 of 27/06/2022 the PhD call for public competition for admission to the PhD courses 38th cycle A.Y. 2022-2023

The deadline for online submission of applications for admission to the PhD Call is  27/07/2022 h. 23:59.

PhD Call 38th Cycle is composed by 15 attachments of the PhD courses, with the specification of: web page for viewing the PhD attachment, available PhD positions (with and without scholarship), affiliated external bodies financiers of scholarships and in partnership, qualification required for access, documents to be attached to the application, scores to be attributed for qualifications and exams and participation fee.

A total of No. 128 positions are envisaged, of which No.98 with scholarship or other financial support, No.1 executive position (only for employees) and No.29 without scholarship.

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Candidates from particularly poor and developing countries defined in the Ministerial Decree No.344/2022 are exempt from the payment of the aforementioned contribution.

Can make use of self-certifications, as expressly provided for in
articles 46 and 47 of Presidential Decree No. 445/2000 and subsequent amendments and additions:
1) Italian and EU citizens;
2) citizens of States not belonging to the European Union, legally residing in Italy, limited to
states, personal qualities and facts certifiable or verifiable by Italian public entities
(specifically: degree obtained at an Italian University).

Click here to download the self-certification.

Please note: candidates, EU and non-EU citizens, with a qualification/s of study/s
abroad/achieved/s in EU and non-EU countries, must attach the certificate of title/s of study/s
held/s (Master’s degree) from which it is deduced:
1. the duration of the study course;
2. list of examinations with the relevant marks (transcript of records);
3. the indication of the University that issued the qualification;
4. the date of graduation and the final vote.
with attached an official translation in Italian or English, released by the University that issued
the title.

All candidates must attach to the procedure a scanned copy of a valid ID [with photo].

The procedure for submitting the application for participation in the selection is available at ESSE3 system

Please note:

  • Candidates must access the Esse3 platform, using SPID credentials; for info click here;
  • Foreign candidates (without SPID credentials) will be able to access using Esse3 credentials obtained by following the Esse3 Registration/Login procedure

Click on the following link for information about Unime PhD call 37th Cycle