Student Ambassador Program


By Eliana Risicato

The Unime Student Ambassador Program, launched in November 2021, is a novel
division, dedicated to the internationalisation of the student community here at the
University of Messina.

Our Mission
  • To increase the recruitment of international prospects and diversify the international student base.
  • To provide assistance to currently and newly enrolled students.
  • To provide information and guidance in a peer to peer modality through the UniBuddy Chat and Blog functions.
The Team

Ambassador Program Coordinator
Abdul Raouf Mastan

Staff Ambassador
Mrs Eliana Risicato
Head of Networking and Talent Development Unit

Student Ambassadors
Ece Erceber
Ghidaa Bayatra
Suresh Yadav
Yerzhan Torebek
Tariro Chidakwa

The team deals with a multitude of functions pertaining to currently enrolled and prospective students of the University of Messina.

Peer to peer chat
  • Interacting and communicating with currently or newly enrolled students and prospects of Unime.
  • Our Student and Staff Ambassadors will help answer your queries related to academic, bureaucratic, and extracurricular activities and any questions you may have about Unime.
  • This service can be accessed through the UniBuddy Chat on
    Unime.International site

Our contents aim to span many different categories and topics, from research to insights into campus life to admissions and associated bureaucracy. It will offer career advice as well as providing a window into specific programmes.

Social Media

All of our activities and functions will be constantly updated and promoted on our social media profile. We will use these pages to host podcasts with faculty and students.

Reaching Us
Welcome Kit

The Welcome kit is designed to provide international students with vital and clear information that will help in their smooth reception and integration at UniME.