Marco Polo project

The Department of Ancient and Modern Civilizations (DICAM)  of the University of  Messina offers a course of Italian Language and Culture to students of the Marco Polo project. The course lasts 10 consecutive months and combines high quality education and firsthand experience of the Italian way of life. People who love Dante’s language, Italian Art and History, Opera, Cuisine and the southern, relaxed, eye on life, will benefit from the experience of diving into the real thing, along with a full-immersion language course.

Classes are held in a university facility, overlooking the Strait and connected to the city Center (15 minutes) and the beaches (5 minutes) with buses. Students of the course will get into the typical Italian university life. Excursions will, then, give them the chance to experience Italian leisure time with a Sicilian twist.

The course lasts 1000 hours in 10 months (from October 12th, 2020 to August 7th, 2021). Attendance is mandatory for at least 85% of the total hours.

The course is structured as follows: 800 hours of class (20 hours per week); 200 hours of seminars and practice in preparation for the final test.

Additional activities are:

  • Days of sea and sun in the magnificent beaches of Messina.
  • Workshops for experimenting the topics of the classes (cinema, cooking, music, etc.).
  • Guided tours of Messina and other sites of interest in Sicily and Calabria.
  • Group dinners.
  • Participation in theatrical and musical performances.

The DICAM is a PLIDA Certification Center ( students can take the exam for the  PLIDA certificate (official certificate of knowledge of the Italian language), related to the level achieved, between June and August.

The course is arranged in 5 modules, each of 160 hours in 8 weeks. Practice and tests are added at the end of each module.  It covers, among the others, these themes: Cinema, Art, Cuisine,  Opera, Made in Italy, Social issues, Sport.

The cost of registration of 4.500 Euro includes enrolment, tuition fees, teaching material, on-campus accommodation (in double rooms with private bathroom), access to the campus sports Center, university libraries and labs.

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Prof. Fabio Ruggiano: