How to enrol

Before the enrolment, students must have received a positive pre-evaluation (see 'Application and Admission') and then register on the IT ESSE3 platform by carrying out the procedures defined in the section ‘Registration’.

For the a.y. 2023/2024, the enrolment wil start by the beginning of June, 2023.

Registered Users may subsequently access the function of ‘Enrolment’ to the chosen University Degree programme.

At the end of the enrolment procedure, students are due to pay the first instalment of the tuition fees of € 156. The enrolment cannot be completed without this payment. The remaining amount of the tuition fees is calculated on the basis of a sliding scale. For income lower than 24.000 euros per year, the overall amount of the tuition fees is 156 euros. For further information visit the page 'Fees and funding'.

For assistance on how to enrol, follow the instructions of the videoguide.

Upon arrival in Messina, students shall immediately fill in the arrival form and get in contact with the Welcome Point.

Students have to upload to the ESSE3 platform the documents listed below:

  • A copy of High School Diploma (for enrolment to Bachelor’s degree/Single Cycle Degree programmes) or Bachelor’s Degree (for enrolment to a Master’s Degree/Vocational Master’s Degree) translated into English or Italian and legalized.
  • Declaration of Value (DoV)  issued by the competent Italian diplomatic/consular authorities or CIMEA Statement of Comparability. Please make sure either of this document states that the qualification is suitable for admittance to further studies in the country where it was issued and that it also states the number of school years prior to university enrolment.
  • Copy of a valid passport.
  • Visa (non EU-students).
  • 'Codice fiscale' ('Italian Identification Number') issued by the Italian diplomatic/consular authorities (if available).

The documents must be uploaded in a unique file.

For further information on how to carry out the enrolment procedure, please download the USER GUIDE available in English and Italian.


Students must enrol in the degree programme for which the entry visa (D Visa) was issued. Enrolments in different degree programmes will not be admitted, except for the specific cases provided for by the inter-ministerial guidelines for degree programmes with programmed access.

It is allowed to change the degree programme - without applying for a new visa - only after the first year of enrolment and only after the opening of enrolment procedures for subsequent years (starting from the month of September).

Students must pay attention to the requirements for the stay permit renewal (at least one exam with final mark for the first year and two exams with final mark for the subsequent years of registration). In any case, the stay permit may not be renewed for more than three years beyond the legal duration of the study course.  

In order to carry out registration for the second year and subsequent years, students must have paid the total amount of tuition due from the previous year

They must renew their registration through the online procedure on ESSE3 (it is not necessary to go to the Student Administration Office). The first university tuition payment must be paid at the moment of registration. 

For further information about the payment options, visit the page 'Fees and fundings'.

For assistance on how to register for the second year and subsequent years, follow the instructions of the videoguide.