Casa UNIME programme

The 'Casa Unime' programme is an innovative initiative  that assists qualified students, enroled at UniME who out of Messina with their rent payment.  UniME  distributed 1.8 million euros over the last three years for this purpose.

Students residing in other municipalities in Italy and abroad who have a registered 10 month (or more) rental contract in the Municipality of Messina may apply. Every year, UniME awards 350,000 euros to students who qualify.

The winners will receive reimbursement of up to a maximum of 2,000 euros for their rent per year, on the basis of the personal / family income.

ERSU scholarship

Further scholarships are offered by the Regional Agency for the Right to Higher Education (ERSU).

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of the personal / family income of the applicant. ERSU publishes a yearly call for appications for scholarships, free accomodation, meals, international mobility and awards for high achievements.

The application is on-line.

For a.y. 2023/2024, International students can start the application by August 31, 2023, 2:00 pm CET and finalise it after having received the visa.  International students can be awarded the scholarship even if the application is missing some documenst. They will be listed in the ranking list as conditionally accepted (*ammessi con riserva). Their position will be confirmed upon arrival in Messina and uploading of missing documents (ex. visa, family/personal income, etc) on the ERSU portal. 

For full information, refer to the Call for scholarship or write to