Erasmus+ incoming students for study

After being selected and official nominated by your home University (by sending an e-mail to, containing your name and surname, your e-mail address, your study field and if you’re moving for the I or II semester or the whole academic year), you’ll receive an e-mail with the necessary information and documents to apply.

The deadlines for apply to the I semester or the full academic year are:

JUNE, 15th – Nomination
JUNE, 30th – Application

The deadlines for apply to the II semester are:

NOVEMBER, 15th - Nomination
NOVEMBER, 30th – Application


For any question or matter referred to your Erasmus Mobility  fill free to write to:

After sending your application you will receive instructions for the approval of the Learning agreement and for all the information to arrange your mobility.


Click on the links below to download your Erasmus+ documents:

In order to fill in your Learning Agreement correctly,  choose the subjects  only from the accademic offer of the UniMe  Department reported in the Inter-Institutional Agreement signed with your University. 

Hereby are reported the steps to be taken to identify the course units for the Learning Agreement.

  1. Choose the Department. If you are not sue check the “welcome e-mail” you have received from UniME
  2. Select the Degree programme. Take in to account the [component code] and the level of the Degree. For study courses taught in English, please make sure to select the programme from the specific section.
  3. Choose “study plan and teaching” (piano di studi e insegnamenti). In this section you can find the list of course units available. Make sure the course unit is activated in the semester you are planning to carry out the mobility. 
  4. For each course unit you will find all available details such as the educational aims, the lecturers' names and the language of instruction, by clicking the unit name. 
  5. Report in the Learning agreement the selected course unit names as reported in the original language of instruction as well as the specific [component code]. If the language of Instruction of the course unit is Italian, the name of the course must be reported accordingly.   

Important notice

In order to fill in your Learning Agreement correctly,  choose the subjects  only from the accademic offer of the UniMe  Department reported in the IIA signed with your University. 

It's mandatory to choose subjects from one study programme. However if you do not find enough subjects to complete your learning agreement, you can choose others subjects from another degree course belonging to the same Department. 

Please fill in the Table A by writing the Italian subjects as per our Course Catalogue and make sure that you put in the component code column the name of the UniMe degree course from which you selected the subjects. LA without the component code column duly fill will not be considered valid and will not be signed.  

Your LA will be approved by our Departmental Coordinator and returned signed by the Welcome office. 

Before arrival

After the approval of your nomination you have received full information on how to fill in the LA If you still have queries or you need support please write to

If you need to have the LA provided by your University signed, send the document to upon arrival.

After arrival


The Learning Agreement can be changed just one time upon arrival within 30 days. If you need to modify the L.A. write only to

Please be aware that you are allowed to attend classes (and take exams) only of the subjects reported in the LA approved. After the registration at Unime your “libretto” will be updated only with the subjects reported in the approved LA.

Upon arrival in Messina send an e-mail to:


  1. Copy of your ID/Passport
  2. Boarding pass
  3. Confirmation of arrival of the Home University (if available)
  4. L.A. of the Home University if you need to have it signed

You will receive the confirmation of arrival duly signed to be sent to your institution.

You will also receive further information on how to finalize the registration at Unime (ESSE3 Platform). The registration is essential to have access to Unime service and facilities (such as wi-fi, transportation, etc.) although you may have access to classes immediately upon arrival.

After the registration on ESSE3 platform, your “Libretto” will be updated only with the subjects reported in the approved L.A. To register to the exams please follow the instructions reported in the on-line video tutorial.

Exams taken NOT in the session (“Appello”) will not be registered on your account and reported in the Transcript o Records.

Before leaving Messina you can get the Confirmation of Departure sending an e-mail to:

The date of Departure reported will coincide with the day reported on the Transcript of records. Therefore, the last day of activity will be the day soon after the day of the last exam taken

Unime organises at the beginning of each semester a “Welcome Day” where international students are welcomed and given clear information that will help in their smooth reception and integration.

Erasmus students will be assigned a Tutor buddy that on a peer-to-peer level will help to get familiar with the academic and social life in Messina. Check the list attached to the Welcome e-mail you have received at the beginning of the Academic year. 

The Welcome guide is designed to provide Erasmus+ incoming students with  information that will help in their smooth reception and integration at Unime.