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International students and guests have access to four main University canteens located in different areas, all close to Departments.

In order to have access to the canteens, students must apply for a CARD available at ERSU (for further information: Servizio ristorazione – ERSU Messina).

University canteens:

  1. Central canteen (Via Ghibellina, 146. Tel. +39 090 3718649)
  2. Papardo canteen  (C/da Papardo, Ganzirri. Tel. +39 090 395317)
  3. SS. Annunziata canteen  (C/da Battaglia,  SS. Annunziata. Tel. +39 090 357219)
  4. Policlinico canteen (Via Consolare Valeria, 1. Tel. + 39 090 2213554)

Students/guests on international mobility will be charged €2,50 per meal whilst International students enroled at UniME will pay on the basis of their family/personal income in the country of origin (ISEEU). 

Fees range from € 1,50 to € 7,15.