Students facilities unit

The Unit guarantees the implementation of the University programmes for the right to study, the promotion and development of student services, with opportunities and facilities in sectors other than study, to better enjoy university life. It deals with tuition fees reimbursement applications, the administrative management of part-time collaborations. The Unit also has the task of managing the process relating to contributions for the rent (CASA Unime Programme).

Tuition fees reimbursement applications

The students can request a reimbursement for tuition fees not owed or paid twice.

Casa Unime Programme

The “Casa Unime” programme is an innovative initiative that assists qualified students, enrolled at UniME who out of Messina with their rent payment. Students residing in other municipalities in Italy and abroad who have a registered 10 month (or more) rental contract in the Municipality of Messina may apply. The winners will receive reimbursement of up to a maximum of 2,000 euros for their rent per year, on the basis of the personal / family income.

Part-time Collaborations

Each year, the University offers its students the opportunity to work part time for its various administrative structures. Various selection procedures are open to students wishing to apply for different posts.


Student Facilities Unit
Responsible Mrs. Valeria D’Audino
Tel: +39 090 6768530