Visa procedures


The Italian Ministry of Higher education and research has not issued yet the provisions concerning application for study visa for the A.Y. 2022/2023. Therefore, applications on the Universitaly portal (see below) will not be evaluated yet.  However, from February 1st  applications for pre-evaluation can be submitted on our applicant portal.

Non-EU candidates living outside Italy who are interested in enrolling in Corsi di laurea (Bachelor’s degrees – 1° cycle degree), Corsi di laurea magistrale a ciclo unico (Combined Bachelor- Master’s degree – 2° cycle degree), Corsi di laurea magistrale (Master’s degrees – 2° cycle degree) or Single courses,  must submit their visa application using the Universitaly portal.

Non-EU students interested in any Degree programme must apply for a pre-evalutaion of the previous qualifications before applying to the Universitaly portal.

The application on the Universitaly portal consists in 5 phases:

  1. Register on the portal and get the access credentials
  2. Log in and fill in the online form (STEP A) with personal data
  3. Upload a passport-size photo and a copy of passport. Candidates must also indicate the State and the Italian representation where they will start the visa process, and the reason for their application. (STEP B)
  4. Select the University of Messina, type and name of the study programme. The language box enables candidates to filter the courses and curricula taught in the chosen language. Please note that the box “Account identificativo presso Università/AFAM/Istituto prescelto” is not mandatory and can be skipped.
  5. Upload the copies of the qualifications needed for admission (STEP C) and the pre-acceptance letter provided by Unime at the end of the pre-evaluation procedure. At this stage neither translation nor legalization or Declaration of value are required. This document can be handed in upon arrival in Messina

We strongly recommend candidates to pay attention when selecting State, Italian representation and University in order to avoid any problem during the visa issuance process.


Unime will confirm candidate acceptance on the Universitaly Portal only if the required documents are valid and correctly uploaded. This will begin the pre-enrolment at Unime and the visa application process.

Applications are conditionally admitted if candidates:

  1. Have finished their previous studies but do not have the High School/Bachelor Diploma yet. These documents must be issued in English or translated into Italian, legalized and accompanied by the Declaration of Value (DoV) issued by the competent Italian Diplomatic/Consular section.
  2. Take the test of Italian Language proficiency, generally held online by the Unime commission. The date of the online Test of Italian Language is July 19, 2021.
  3. Take the admission test for selected restricted access degree programme. to held in Septmber.


Upon Unime confirmation, the Italian Diplomatic/Consular Representation indicated by the candidate will check and evaluate the application to the relevant specific provisions for visa issuance. The decision on the issuance of a visa for study purposes is the exclusive jurisdiction of the Diplomatic/Consular Authorities.

During the visa issuance process, candidates are allowed to take both Italian language proficiency examination (if required) and the admission test (if required) under condition of obtaining the visa.

The selective admission tests for the listed study programmes must be taken in presence:

  1. Combined Bachelor and Master’s degree in Medicine and surgery
  2. Combined Bachelor and Master’s degree in Dentistry
  3. Bachelor’s degrees in Health professions

Candidates can access Universitaly portal using their credentials and check their application status. Once Unime have dealt with the pre-enrolment application (granting the status of “admitted” or “conditionally admitted”) it is no longer necessary to contact us about the visa. We suggest candidates to access the Universitaly portal and check their visa application status.