Erasmus+ Mobility for Study

Erasmus+ Mobility for Study

The Erasmus+ Student Mobility for Study (SMS) programme aims to strengthen the quality of education or higher education, stimulating transational cooperation between European universities. 

It is possible to carry out a mobility for study abroad from 2 to 12 months at an Higher Education Institute in one of the Programme Countries since the first year of study. In case of single cycle Degree Programmes, such as Medicine, students can carry out a mobility period up to 24 months. With this initiative, students can take exams or do thesis research at another European Higher Education Institute.

UniME publishes annually the Call for Applications for the award of Erasmus+ mobility grants for study whose modalities of participation are specified.

To participate in the Call it is mandatory that students, at the time of his/her candidacy, are regularly enrolled (in the legal term of the CdS) in Bachelor’s, Master’s, Single Cycle, Doctorate. The period of study abroad must be an integral part of the student’s academic program; the mobility must take place at a Higher Education Institute that has signed an Interinstitutional Agreement with the University of Messina and is a holder of ECHE.


Erasmus students receive an economic contribution from the Erasmus+ National Agency (€ 250/300/350 per month depending on the country of destination), additionally they will have another contribution provided by UniMe using the MUR funds (which in some cases lead to double the total amount of the scholarship!) to be paid on the basis of the ISEE Value declared by the student on ESSE3 at the time of the application to the Erasmus+ Call 2023/2024.


The choice of the partner university must be made on the basis of the available destinations found in the list attached to the Call (Annex 1, Annex 2).

Our students are supported by the Erasmus+ Departmental Cooordinators of each study course, by a DATABASE UNIME (guide to courses recognized abroad) in which are reported, for each Department and Study Course, the subjects carried out - and subsequently recognized - by UniME students in previous academic years. Attention! The Database contains just a list of subjects which is not mandatory.

The choice of subjects to be carried out abroad will be supported by the Erasmus+ Departmental Cooordinators of the study course. These subjects will replace, in a flexible way, some of the activities provided by the home Institution according to the study course where the student belong to, for an equivalent number of credits.

The University of Messina guarantees the full recognition of the study activities carried out according to the rules of 'Regolamento per il riconoscimento dei periodi di mobilità all'estero'.

The Erasmus+ Study form is available in the section 'Documenti e Regolamenti' in the ‘International section’.