Erasmus+ Mobility for Traineeship

Erasmus+ Mobility for Traineeship

The Erasmus+ Programme for Traineeship promotes placements and internships, with a minimum duration of 2 months (60 full days), in enterprises or  training and research centers in one of the European countries participating in the Programme. The Erasmus student has the opportunity to acquire specific skills and a better understanding of the socio-economic culture of the host country, with the aim of encouraging the mobility of young workers in Europe. UNIME annually publishes Calls for Applications for Erasmus+ Mobility Grants for Traineeship in which are reported all the information on how to participate. 

Even recent graduates can carry out an Erasmus+ traineeship mobility experience. They must participate to the University call before graduating and can carry out the mobility within 12 months of obtaining the degree.

It is possible to spend up to 12 months of mobility for traineeship for each study cycle; in case of single cycle study courses, such as Medicine, students can take a mobility period up to 24 months. The student must be regularly enrolled at UNIME and must participate in the relative call. To ensure quality, mobility must concern the student’s academic path and has to meet his personal aspirations.


The Erasmus student will receive a financial contribution to cover, partially, the expenses incurred during the mobility period spent abroad.

The contribution, offered by the National Erasmus+ Agency INDIRE, does not totally cover the costs incurred and is calculated on the basis of the number of days really spent abroad, according to the country of destination as it follows:


  • Group 1 € 500,00 
  • Group 2 € 450,00
  • Group 3 € 400,00

UNIME gives additional contributions according to the procedures set out in the Call for which it is possible to double the total amount of the grant! 

The University of Messina guarantees the recognition of the training activities carried out on the basis of the “ Regolamento per il riconoscimento dei periodi di mobilità all'estero “. Even if the training activities do not involve a career curricular recognition, the student will be awarded a number of ECTS Extra-curricula calculated based on the real internship days abroad and certified through the Traineeship Certificate. Recent graduates may request the registration of the Erasmus mobility experience in the Diploma Supplement.


UNIME helps students with a series of tools to facilitate the autonomous research of the "host location" and the submission of application:

  • DATABASE UNIME ENTI OSPITANTI STUDENTI ERASMUS+ TRAINEESHIP   containing the list of foreign Universities/Companies with which UniME has settled out Bilateral Agreements, Letters of Intents or that have expressed their availability to receive students.
  • To check the platforms sponsored by the European Commission  Drop’pin@EURES e ErasmusIntern in which are listed the internship positions available at European Institutions and Organizations.
  • A list of  Link utili per la ricerca in which there are specialized websites indicating internship positions at European Institutions and Organizations.
  • To ask for a support to the Erasmus+ Coordinator of your study or refer to the Website sponsored by the European Commission or to the specific European Platform (see Call).


As a result of many positive experiences expressed in the past by our students, we recommend the use of the Erasmusu platform in which you will find many options with related information.
Students will be required to bear independently any costs for intermediation activities of the aforementioned agencies.

 The Erasmus+ Traineeship forms are also available in the "Documenti e Regolamenti" section of the International webpage.