Environmental Sustainability - GHG Protocol

The world in the hand

In pages 9, 10 and 11 of the report of the University for Sustainability Commission, a first assessment of the inventory of climate-altering emissions from the University of Messina is presented, following the requirements of the GreenHouse Gas Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard (2004), and then analyzing the size of the emissions:

1. In scope 1: so-called scope 1: direct emissions related to its own activities or those falling within the organizational boundaries of the agency, for example associated with the use of fossil fuels to fuel business assets or boilers for the heating of its buildings or for production. Losses of refrigerant gases (also greenhouse gases) used in cooling systems, process emissions, etc. have also been taken into account;

2. Under 2: so-called SCOPE 2: indirect emissions from energy, gas and steam

purchased and consumed for own use;

3. In scope 3: so-called SCOPE 3 related to the value chain of the University in upstream and downstream phases. These are those that are not generated directly within the organizational boundaries of the Institution, but are attributable to the performance of the institutional activities. They are the most representative rate, but the data available to us is not yet complete.

Sustainability Commission Report