Environmental Sustainability - Carbon emissions


According to the report of the University of Sustainability Commission, the overall picture of emissions for 2023 is presented in accordance with the GHG Protocol

In calculating Scope 1 and 2 emissions, we had measured all the fuel burned onsite (Scope 1) and all the indirectly generated emissions resulting from the use of the purchased electricity, steam, heating or cooling from an energy utility (Scope 2).

The values given, were obtained by converting the total quantities measured in MJ by using the emission factors given in document C(2023) 1086 as supplement of Directive (EU) 2018/2001. 

In particular, the document determined an average emission factor equal to 92 g CO2eq/MJ from national electricity consumption.; while it estimated an emission factor equal to 56.2 g CO2eq/MJ for the natural gas combustion, equal to 73.2 CO2eq/MJ for diesel, and ultimately equal to 73.4 CO2eq/MJ for gasoline.

The data reported in SCOPE 3 is related to the University's value chain in the upstream and downstream phases. These are all of those that are not generated directly within the organizational boundaries of the Entity but traceable to the performance of institutional activities. They are the most representative rate, but the data available to us is not complete.