Environmental Sustainability - Purchaising policy

The world in the hand

Pages 3 and 4 of the report of the University Commission on Sustainability show that the University of Messina is committed to identifying and implementing models, strategies and initiatives to continuously improve the environmental impact of its activities, the education of responsible citizens, the well-being of the community, social equity and economic development, with particular reference to three areas of action: education and third mission, research and governance.

Among the objectives of Governance, in addition to disseminating the sustainability policy to increase the transparency and credibility of the University through a clear and open communication of its priorities, its principles and values, is to pursue objectives of improving sustainability in the management of the University's activities, through the implementation of procurement and investment policies.

The University chooses the suppliers of goods, services and works in compliance with European directives and the national legislation in force, integrating the criteria of environmental and social sustainability according to the Minimum Environmental Criteria (CAM), constantly monitoring the entire process of award and execution of the services and evaluating the application of award criteria for the most virtuous suppliers from the environmental and social point of view.

Sustainability Commission Report