Good Governance - Ethical values


Our organization develops clear ethical values (e.g. diversity, honesty, respect, equity) and these are enshrined in a publicly available policy document.

The University of Messina considers every living being and every natural or social process interdependent on every other, so damaging one also causes damage to others. The University through its Code of Ethics, its Code of Conduct for Public Employees and the Charter of Services promotes the recognition and respect of individual rights.

These values are set out in the following public documents:

Gender Equality Plan

Positive Action Plan

In addition, the Student Supervisor ensures that the activities of the University of Messina relating to teaching, research and services, which affect the rights and interests of students, doctoral candidates and students specializing in the University, are carried out in accordance with the principles and   rules declared  in the University's Code of Ethics, the Code of Conduct for Civil Servants and the University's Charter of Services.

University's Code of Ethics

Student Guarantor

The University of Messina was among the first to activate the "Carriere Alias" precisely to provide its students with guarantees of respect, dignity and privacy, thus implementing protective measures for those who need to use, within the University, a name different from the full legal  name.

Carriere Alias