Good Governance - Sustainability staff member


On 9 April 2021, following the accession of the University of Messina to the Network of Universities for Sustainable Development (RUS), the University Commission for Sustainability was established, with the task, among other things, of organizing the complex set of existing initiatives and actions and plans new ones, defining, with a unitary, structured and interdisciplinary approach, a path that can concretely contribute to sustainable development and the promotion of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals; Furthermore, a reporting process will be launched which will lead to the drafting and publication of the University's first Sustainability Report. 

University Commission on Sustainability


Since 2018, the University of Messina has joined the Network of Universities for Sustainable Development (RUS) and since 2021 the Network of Universities for Peace (RUNIPACE). The RUS constitutes the first experience of coordination and sharing among all the Italian universities involved in the issues of environmental sustainability and social responsibility. Its main purposes include spreading the culture and good practices of sustainability, both inside and outside the universities, promoting the SDGs - Sustainable Development Goals and contributing to their achievement and strengthening the recognition and value of the experience Italian internationally.

RUS- Network of Universities for Sustainable Development