Equality - Disability services


Students who are entitled to auxiliary aids and compensatory/ dispensatory measures under current regulations regarding disabilities and DSA in university settings may take advantage of them by submitting a formal and explicit request.

Through the appropriate form, it is possible to request an educational tutor, or aids and services to support academic life, or even aids to be used for a profit exam. 

CERIP's psychological support services are also reserved for students with disabilities and DSAs.

Request for aids


Unime lecturers are required to implement a teaching strategy aimed at making the course of study concretely usable for all, on equal terms, promoting the autonomy of each student, including through personalized teaching with the necessary measures.

The Department's reference lecturer for disabilities/DSA is the figure of reference, for faculty and students, for the appropriate and permanent implementation of the necessary measures.

The teacher is required to ensure, if authorized in advance by the Disability Services Unit, the following measures:

- Use of technological and computer tools

- Support of a tutor

- Presence of an LIS interpreter

- Presence of an assistant

- Availability for reception by appointment

- Extended reception hours

- Accessible classrooms and workstations

- For courses delivered in English, the use of Italian during reception

- The use of concept maps or other memory support materials, the content of which must be reviewed and approved in advance by the instructor

- The test in digital or large print format

- Presence of a reader/writer tutor

- Presence of an LIS interpreter

- Accessible classrooms and workstations

- For courses delivered in English, the use of the Italian language

Teacher vademecum - students with disabilities


A service has also been adopted for educational and instructional use that allows files and Web pages to be converted into a variety of alternative media formats according to individual needs, e.g., digital braille reading, audio files: MP3 and audiobooks (in DAISY format), and e-books in EPUB, EPUB3 format.

Sensus Access